In difficult aspect, it may bring about superficiality or extravagance. The word stagnation does not belong to your vocabulary: you effortlessly adopt foreign customs and habits that are different from your initial behaviours. Therefore, you may abandon an objective that is not yet obsolete. A world that moves you deep down and where you are alternately a pawn and the main player. Juno is the asteroid corresponding to the adaptation to the marital partner and to the defence of individual rights; it is thus used in the field of marriage. For more information, see the page dedicated to Saturn. Some traditional associations with Leo: With Mars, your attitudes are dictated by the realities of the moment, by your emotions, and by everything which proved to have worked in the past. Herbs and aromatics: sorrels, spearmint, cloves. The South Node is diametrically opposed to the North Node, therefore it faces it (it's not drawn here, it's the same symbol but upside down). the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Lack of care during the period of body growth may result in frail health. Jupiter in Libra endows you with sociability, popularity and charm! You are a Solar being, and you often display charismatic and leadership qualities. This overview shows the selected player's opponents and his performance record against them. The Ninth House is the sphere of high studies, both physical and mental journeys (philosophy, spirituality), rebelliousness, changes of scenery, desire for dealing with the unknown. On the upside, Cupido is related to socialisation, the arts, and marital life. 2nd Fire sign - 2nd Fixed sign - Masculine, In analogy with the Sun, his ruler, and the 5th House. You perceive all situations with deep intensity, and you react to the here and now without bothering to step back in order to ensure that events are under your control. Senarai di bawah adalah tarikh dan keputusan untuk Kelayakan Piala Dunia FIFA 2006 pusingan untuk Afrika. If your sign is Virgo or your Ascendant is Virgo: you are brainy, perspicacious, attentive to detail and numbers, analytical, serious, competent, scrupulous, sensible, modest, logical, tidy, well-organized, clean, hard-working, provident, honest, faithful, reserved, shy, helpful, a perfectionist, but also narrow-minded, calculating, irritating, petty, anxious, cold, repressed or caustic. Vesta is rarely used and brings the ability to efficiently devote oneself to a cause. Or the Air type, gifted in communication and highly intellectual? If it is not offset by other influences in your natal chart, you may not have an iron will. The axis of the Lunar nodes moves 19 degrees each year, namely a bit more than three minutes each day. For a woman, it also represents her father, and later her husband. Flowers and plants: geraniums, rhododendrons, thistles, mint, honeysuckles. 51 teams took part (only Comoros and Djibouti did not enter), competing for 5 World Cup places.. Your sensitive and romantic self lives on those periods of rest during which you let your imagination wander at will. Emmanuel Adebayor 9 maalia Didier Drogba 8 maalia Obafemi Martins 7 maalia Aruna Dindane Henri Camara 6 maalia Mansour Boutabout Akwá Pierre Webó Amr Zaki Sambégou Bangoura Dennis Oliech 5 maalia Tshepiso Molwantwa Dipsy Selolwane Moumouni Dagano Cafú Carlos Caló Haytham Tambal Francileudo Santos Collins Mbesuma 4 maalia Oumar Tchomogo Samuel Eto’o Armel Disney Shabani … The Lunar nodes are fictional points and not actual heavenly bodies: they are the intersections of the Moon with the Ecliptic (the path made by the Sun in its orbit as seen from the Earth). The Zodiac is also divided into twelve astrological houses. 2 Pascal FEINDOUNO 10 Ismaël BANGOURA 14 Alhassane KEITA ... 14 Quinton FORTUNE 15 Hatem TRABELSI 16 Habib BEYE 17 Ahmed MIDO 18 Hassam GHALY 19 Daigo KOBAYASHI 20 Naohiro TAKAHARA 21 SHAO Jiayi 22 Mark VIDUKA 23 Andrea BARZAGLI 24 Alexander MADLUNG 25 Jan SIMUNEK 26 Marcel SCHÄFER Consequently, Chiron is of Saturn's nature and at the same time is influenced by Uranus, the first slow-moving planet. The East Point is sometimes considered to be a second Ascendant, less important, but also related to how one is seen by other people, and to how one expresses one's personality. Or do you only distance yourself from conventional morals? In such cases, the activity of the slow planet is very highlighted. If you know the time of birth of Pascal Feindouno, we would appreciate it if you would send us your information with your source, at Å eÅ¡tadienį PrancÅ«zijoje prasidėjo Ligue 1 pirmenybių naujas sezonas, kurio pirmąją dieną netrÅ«ko staigmenų. The Mugabes Dodgy Diamond, Ivory Deals in Zimbabwe Exposed, Kenya's Fake Doctor 'Conducted 8 Successful Surgeries'. : numerous astrologers believe neither in the influence of Proserpina, nor in that of all hypothetical planets, asteroids, Arabic parts or other fictitious points. 3rd Air sign - 4th Fixed sign - Masculine, In analogy with Uranus his ruler, with Saturn, and the 11th House. It is a Choleric. This text is only an excerpt from of Pascal Feindouno's portrait. 3rd Earth sign - 4th Cardinal sign (winter solstice) - Feminine, In analogy with Saturn, her ruler, and the 10th House. and Diomansy Kamara also performed well. To add this celebrity to your favourites, please create an account. En instance de départ, l'ancien joueur de Châteauroux a décidé de rester en Europe pour privilégier sa carrière en club. Nonetheless, these analyses remain accurate in any case. The qualification was composed of two Rounds. Since you instinctively perceive people's intents and motivations, as you swim in the complexity of human nature, you feel in your element. Related. This makes sense only if the birth time is known because within a few minutes, the twelve houses (including the 1st one, the Ascendant) change significantly. F - View profiles of players in index on player profiles. are important. If your sign is Gemini or if your Ascendant is Gemini: you are expressive, lively, adaptable, quick-witted, humorous, sparkling, playful, sociable, clever, curious, whimsical, independent, polyvalent, brainy, flexible, ingenious, imaginative, charming, fanciful but also capricious, scattered, moody, shallow, inquisitive, opportunistic, unconcerned, selfish, fragile, ironical or changeable. It represents the soldiers, sportsmen, warriors, surgeons, blacksmiths... ; the age of Mars goes from 42 to 50 years old. Trees: pines, willows, flowering ashes, aspens, poplars, alders. If the Sun is part of your natal chart's planetary dominants, in astrology, you are said to be a Solarian: you loathe pettiness and Machiavellian manoeuvre, and you are fond of natural nobleness as well as of direct and honest attitudes. Countries: Russia, Sweden, Poland, Israel, Iran, Abyssinia. We currently use the latter formula for our astrological programmes. The North Node is often called the Dragon's head, it is usually considered beneficial, a bit like Jupiter with the planets. Food: Leeks, hops, onions, shallots, spices. Animals: crabs, animals with shells. There is something unconventional about the way you are, the way you think, and the way you act. Indeed, you are endowed with unlimited imagination and inspiration, as well as with an extreme sensibility that may turn you into a psychic or a clairvoyant. What is the danger of such a dominant? On the downside, he may bring about arrogance and scattered efforts. 1st Earth sign - 1st Fixed sign - Feminine, In analogy with Venus, his ruler, and the 2nd House. Your intuition and your imagination are the assets that compensate your lack of efficiency and discipline. Stones, Metals and Salts: opals, steel and iron, calcium and sodium sulphate. This is what we call identifying the dominant planets. Animals: goats, pigs and animals with split hooves. Food: milk, fishes, watery fruits and vegetables, turnips, white and red cabbages. N.B. He is the great purifier. The Tenth House is the most important angular house along with the Ascendant. Saturn sesqui-quadrate Midheaven orb -2°19'. With Pisces, there is no opposition, no conflict and no individual reaction. But the exercise is worthwhile. Some traditional associations with Taurus: find ways of improving the performance of referees on the African For professional purposes, one travels abroad and amasses valuable knowledge which one puts into practice in one's country. You enjoy thinking big and, consequently, you move forward according to what you decide. These general character traits must not be taken literally; they are, somehow, preparing for the chart reading. Chiron is almost renowned and used everywhere. Kévin Constant, attaquant du Genoa, ne participera pas à la CAN 2012. Flowers and plants: water lilies, willows, aquatic plants. In order to achieve your ideal of freedom and independence, you may act like a despot as you try to convince and to impose your views, whether smoothly or forcefully. It was invented by Alfred Witte, founder of the famous Hamburg School, and by his student, Friedrich Sieggrün. The novice thinks astrology means only "to be Aries" or sometimes, for example, "to be Aries Ascendant Virgo". Yet, you influence your entourage in charming and magnetic ways. You have an obvious and strong will to charm and to arouse the attachments without which you cannot properly function. Your nature is individualistic and determined, and you seldom shrink from obstacles. Proserpina, sometimes referred to as Persephone, is a trans-Plutonian hypothetical planet. It constitutes your main asset to manage your life. However, other astrological elements also influence these areas. Her element is the Air, she is moist, rules Taurus and Libra, is in exaltation in Pisces and is in analogy with the kidneys, the venous system, the bladder, the neck. When this dominant is well integrated, it is a factor of affluence and optimism, and a certain degree of joviality enables you to easily fit into various spheres. Your human and idealist qualities are obvious, you are a very pleasant and interesting interlocutor, even though your rebellious and revolutionary side may be criticized. In your natal chart, Pluto’s house position is more important than his sign position because, like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, Pluto is a slow planet. Animals: dogs, cats and all pets. You loathe conflicts and your cleverness and your flexibility allow you to achieve your goals while shrewdly worming your way through difficulties. The Venusian type, charming and seductive? It is a cadent house, less important than the angular and succedent ones. Gemini governs the arms, the lungs and the thorax. It is in analogy with Libra and Venus, and Saturn to a lesser extent. Your capacities to respect and blend into your environment is at least as valuable as some other people's aggressive dispositions. It represents dreamers, mediums, magicians, merchants of illusion, drug addicts. Better than anyone else, you manage to become the centre of attention, to highlight your good disposition, to surprise, even to impress! It is an angular house, the most important one with the Midheaven, maybe even more so due to its link with the body and health; the Ascendant is as important as the Sun in a natal chart. Premier League bosses will permit those clubs still involved in European competition to begin their domestic campaign later than the scheduled September 12 date, says Wolverhampto Animals: long distance big birds such as the albatross. He represents our limitations but also our truth. Pascal Feindouno is the brother of Benjamin Feindouno (Without Club). If planets symbolize characters, signs represent hues - the mental, emotional and physical structures of an individual. Stones, Metals and Salts: sapphires, jade, copper, potassium and sodium phosphate. The planet Mars indicates how you react to life concrete stimulations. Indeed, it is quite the same situation with signs and houses. You cannot achieve anything behind the scenes. This keen interest in the Unknown sharpens your inter-relational skills. Food: meat and especially red meat, rice, honey, cereals, grapes, iron-rich vegetables: watercress, spinach etc. Pisces governs the feet and the blood circulation. At times, you come across as authoritarian. To each, his own! Guinea midfielder Pascal Feindouno converted a penalty kick in the 18th after Sochaux defender Carlao fouled Dimitri Payet inside the area. Some inspirations require surrendering as well as striking a balance derived from alternate action and passivity. Your ideas are original and liberal. the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. the Pharaohs of Egypt rewrote history by winning the CAN on penalties In love, you are more cerebral and friendly than really passionate, Pascal Feindouno. Pascal Feindouno, Penalty, 5. You express your energy in a vague and random manner, Pascal Feindouno. The planet Uranus symbolizes originality, independence and cerebral energy bursting suddenly. In the professional area, partnerships must be given priority because they can offset the threat of bankruptcy portended by this degree and ensure a decent standard of living. However, it is possible to take advantage of it for a precise aim, through a temporary identification of some parts of us with this energy. Although good ideas abound, they require thorough analysis and organisation. Exactly twenty years ago in 1986 at the same Cairo National Stadium, Your Life Path is influenced by the number 3, which highlights communication and creativity, and indicates that ideas and personal realisations are the important features of your destiny. Pessimistic, misanthropic, and withdrawn character. Some traditional associations with Pisces: If your sign is Cancer or your Ascendant is Cancer: you are emotional, sentimental, peaceful, imaginative, sensitive, faithful, resistant, protective, vulnerable, generous, romantic, nostalgic, tender, poetic-minded, motherly or fatherly, dreamy, indolent, greedy, devoted but also timorous, unrealistic, evasive, passive, anxious, dependent, stubborn, moody, passive, lazy, touchy, stay-at-home or inaccessible. Pluto is the only possibility we have at our disposal to overcome our inner blocks and to eliminate outgrown situations that have become inextricable. However, you must still overcome one of the major difficulties of this dominant, which is to get people to accept your difference and to smoothly fit into your environment. Characterology: Emotive or non-Emotive, Active, Primary type; it is a Passionate Choleric type. Dar keturi susitikimai, kuriuose žaidė ir vienu favoritu laikomas Marseille, baigėsi lygiosiomis. Animals: insects and other invertebrates. This degree sometimes indicates some family secret or a birth out of wedlock. Senegal's Habib Bèye. If your sign is Capricorn or your Ascendant is Capricorn: you are serious, cold, disciplined, patient, focused, thoughtful, ambitious, indomitable, cautious, lucid, persistent, provident, steady, introverted, stern, wilful, hard-working, responsible, persevering, honest, realistic, loyal, reserved, resolute, moralistic, quiet, rigorous, attached and reliable. Precision: concerning the horoscopes with a known time of birth, according to the Tradition, we consider that a planet near the beginning (called cuspide) of the next house (less than 2 degrees for the Ascendant and the Midheaven, and less than 1 degree for all other houses) belongs to this house: our texts and dominants take this rule into account. The event lived up to its billing with an excellent Côte Cities: Washington, New Orleans, Valencia, Liverpool, Milwaukee, Fes, Halifax, Hull, Cincinnati. The planet Pluto symbolizes deep disruptions and upheavals, domination and sexual instincts, and the inner power we have in ourselves. The sign positions of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have a collective meaning. Therefore, your comportment is marked with heroism, and your stands are devoid of ambiguity, in the sense that your commitments are unfailing, and your rebuffs, final. The Rooster is credited with the capacity to be present whenever a crisis arises and to remain faithful to his friends, under all circumstances! : numerous astrologers believe neither in the influence of Apollon, nor in that of all hypothetical planets, asteroids, Arabic parts or other fictitious points. The only dark cloud on this idyllic picture: a certain opportunism. If, by lack of chance, your partner belongs to the domineering and unscrupulous type, you may be trapped and wake up bitter and disappointed that you extended for too long the illusion of a marvellous story. These two consecutive signs react in an antinomical way: while Venus in Aquarius readily gives free rein to her heart or her senses' impulses, the Sun in Pisces does not follow these fleeting stimulations and remains impervious, unyielding and selective. Saturn represents concentration, effort, perseverance, time, the hard reality, inevitable consequences. Although your open-mindedness may scatter your centres of interest, it also enables you to carefully avoid sticking to only one immutable and rigid view. The world amazes you, amuses you sometimes, and stimulates your curiosity. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Instead of shutting oneself away in an ivory tower, one ought to seek the company of cheerful and devoted friends. Please, always keep in mind that human beings are continuously evolving and that many parts of our psychological structures are likely to be expressed later, after having undergone significant life's experiences. You have your own way to assert yourself. Pluto destroys in order to reconstruct and he provokes painful crises that are needed in metamorphosis. A boundless, infinity-loving man like you is inevitably likely to be more vulnerable and easily hurt because of your acute perception of events. Human beings have one thousand facets and one thousand masks they wear according to circumstances and the fortunes of the game of life. Animals: lions and felines in general. They are, by no means, of a personal nature. Earth is its element, it is cold and dry, and it rules Virgo and Gemini, is in exaltation in Virgo and is in analogy with the arms, hands, nervous system. It is fine, but are you able to forgive the shortcomings that are inherent to all relationships? Many people born in the same period have Saturn in the same sign. Nevertheless, better than anyone else, you know how to play with feelings and attractions. N.B. She's also known as Demeter, according to the astrologer Zipporah Dobyns, linked to the symbolism of the mother but in a less emotive and more physical way than the Moon. To thank you for contributing to the enhancement of our astrological database, we shall be glad to send you the astrological portrait (34 pages) of this celebrity. Thanks to your flexibility, your intuition, and your generosity, you may spend an important part of your life helping others. Characterology: Emotive, Active, Secondary, passionate type. Finally, other criteria such as the rulership of the Ascendant and the Midheaven etc. Claiming to rapidly summarize it is illusory, although it does not mean that it is an impossible challenge. In such cases, you are hit full in the face, and you may sink into gloomy daydreamings and dark melancholy. You have the soul of a traveller, whether your travel inside yourself or across faraway lands. flopped in this CAN with three losses, giving up seven goals while only Moreover, life's pitfalls often stimulate you. On the other hand, your impressionability is such that you may have difficulties in separating what is concrete and solid from illusions or dreams. With Neptune as one of your three dominant planets, you are a secretive and ambiguous person, often confused or unclear about your own motivations! Like a wave, it bathes the shores of your emotions, which range from the noblest feelings to the wildest physical passions. Countries: Holland, Scotland, North and West Africa, New-Zealand, Paraguay, Algeria. Publishers named above each report are responsible for their own content, which AllAfrica does not have the legal right to edit or correct. Regardless of the social layer to which one belongs, this degree indicates that one rises to an exceptionally prominent position and becomes famous in one's field of competence. Projects are nicely put forward, but their implementation is handicapped by unpreparedness, and solutions to cropping problems seem to be adopted at random. The Solar type, noble and charismatic? You hate to go unnoticed! The most important thing is that you act in all conscience and reach your primary objectives. This number is related to altruism, harmony, the capacity to take initiatives, and the gift for passing on all kinds of knowledge and information. Select from premium Mi Temps of the highest quality. Sagittarius, an adventurous and conquering fire sign, is dominant in your chart: you are enthusiastic, enterprising, optimistic, very sociable, and mobile - you have itchy feet, both physically and mentally. Stand-in captain Bobo Balde is doubtful after a thigh injury and inspirational midfielder Pascal Feindouno, who usually captains the side, is suspended and misses the game. scoring two. You are prone to frequent instinctive aversions and true passions which are exclusively driven by the feeling of love. 3rd Fire sign - 3rd Mutable sign - Masculine, In analogy with Jupiter, his ruler, and the 9th House. It is the image of the personality as seen by others and the person's visible behaviour expressed outwardly. Therefore, some caution is to be exercised as you read what follows. Flowers and plants: lilies of the valley, lavenders, myrtle, ferns, Venus-hair-ferns, bittersweets. Sensual and materialistic character unwilling to fight one's weaknesses. The issue of dominant planets has existed since the mists of time in astrology: how nice it would be if a person could be described with a few words and one or several planets that would represent their character, without having to analyse such elements as rulerships, angularities, houses, etc! The Eleventh House is the sphere of friendship and protection, projects, search for social acceptance and security, collective and humanitarian actions. Outsider's opinions don't matter! Several filters can be selected. Guinea midfielder Pascal Feindouno converted a penalty kick in the 18th after Sochaux defender Carlao fouled Dimitri Payet inside the area. It is your way of being present even though you are actually not there... More than other people, you appreciate the esteem extended to you. It is your self-confidence which wins public support. Knapp eineinhalb Jahre nach der Entlassung beim FC Bayern ist Niko Kovac im Süden Frankreichs auf der Sonnenseite des Trainerlebens angekommen. This degree also indicates psychic powers as well as talent for astrology and the interpretation of cards or tarots. En instance de départ, l'ancien joueur de Châteauroux a décidé de rester en Europe pour privilégier sa carrière en club. Saturn eliminates anything that is not authentic, sooner or later. Then, your inventiveness works wonders. In such a case, the outcome is our final evolution and even, our transformation. Deficiency in Earth may indicate that you have no interest in material and concrete values. It is believed that the wise man is not subjected to stellar influences. Uranus tends to break the constraints that have become unbearable and gives us the courage and the will to get rid of what has become a burden; when he is well aspected, he also indicates genius.In your natal chart, Uranus’ house position is more important than his sign position because, like Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto, he is a slow planet. Who do you share your name initials with? Countries: Italy, Romania, Sicily, Czechoslovakia, Iraq, Lebanon, Southern France. Many people born in the same period have Neptune in the same sign. You need to admire your beloved one and to feel that you are close to each other, at the same time friends and lovers, and that you form a whole. You do not follow the norms in use, societal or educational models and you prefer to create a moral for yourself. Pisces’ waters are shifting and changeable. Never mind! On the human plane, you are very idealistic – sometimes even utopian – readily trusting and valuing persons who may not always be worth it. Now, what is the secret of your charm? One must seek the advice of a friend or of one's spouse. The first step is to evaluate the importance of each planet. When this willpower is well channelled, its precious energy enables to cope with all sorts of contingencies. The North Node (True Node here) represents the goals that must be achieved during life, in the karmic sense according to some traditions. It is actually far more complex. Find the perfect Mi Temps stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Cairo — The curtains have been drawn on the 25th edition of the African Cup You take the role of an observer who is avid for novelties, discoveries, and surprises. Animals: Rams and sheeps. Your psychological pattern is intellectual, all the more so since Mercury is important, with its whole set of assets but also of weaknesses, obviously. More than other people, the Lunarian is attached to those moments during which one forgets one's worries and lets oneself cast adrift aimlessly, with no other goal than to be lulled into an ambiance, a situation, or a perfect moment. This is the reason why the sign occupied here is less meaningful than when it is occupied by the so-called fast planets, i.e. You are much more successful when you work for a noble cause, usually a collective one, sometimes political or spiritual ones. She enriches the unconscious, and gives the possibility to combine modern life with spirituality, the East with the West, and mysticism with concrete life. The Midheaven represents our achievements and goals in the social sphere, our social position in society, and becomes more and more important as we get older. You express yourself better when you are in situations which allow a great deal of personal initiatives. She represents the artists, tradesmen, occupations linked to beauty and charm; the age of Venus goes from 15 to about 25 years old. Herbs and aromatics: aniseed, marjoram, lemon balm, cumin. This sign indicates ambition and facilitates integration and social achievement. These impressions are so intense and overwhelming that you don't really need to take action concretely, to show your dynamism or your willpower, since you already live so intensely with your feelings - you are as keen as a radar, always on the alert! Like all the secondary bodies, it must be in close conjunction with planets or angles in order to fully express its action. more guides | cheats | forums | view source It is one of the elements that must reckoned with, along with the expression number, the active number, the intimacy number, the achievement number, the hereditary number, the dominant numbers or the lacking numbers, or also the area of expression, etc. Planets represent typologies of our human psychology: sensitivity, affectivity, ability to undertake, will-power, mental process, aptitude, and taste for communication etc., all independent character facets are divided here for practical reasons. Find the perfect Nic09 stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Match preview. Ghana and Angola performed about equally in this competition with two defeats and one victory each. in-form status. Flowers and plants: dandelions, carnations, thistles. Pascal Feindouno is the brother of Simon Feindouno (Masafi Sports Club). In your natal chart, the house position where Saturn is posited is more important than his sign position because, like Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, he is a slow planet. N.B. It is the absolute reign of feelings and emotions over the intellect and its separative logics. Ghana's Black Stars could cite the absence of key players to justify You are inclined to be passionate, you assert your willpower, you move forward, and come hell or high water, you achieve your dreams and your goals. Their interpretation must be regarded with the utmost caution, especially given the fact that different authors give different meanings to symbolic degrees. So, you take malicious pleasure in ridiculing the patterns you find too simplistic or too rigid. The classical Part of Fortune, of which the calculus method is unchanged whether in a diurnal or nocturnal chart, is usually distinguished from the diurnal/nocturnal Part of Fortune which is calculated by the formula AS + Sun - Moon for a nocturnal chart, and AS + Moon - Sun in a diurnal chart.

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